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 The North Coast Environment Council is the peak regional environment group in NSW.  The NCEC represents over 30 groups and individuals from the Hunter to the Tweed and west to Armidale. Since its inception in 1976 the NCEC has worked to see our natural heritage valued and protected.

                                                Media Release 20.04.10

The North Coast Environment Council congratulates the community at Crescent Head on their brave fight to save the forest adjoining their coastal village a spokesperson said today.

This small forest was subject to the first mainland Native Title Claim but when finalising the settlement with the Dunghutti nation with compensation of $6.1M the Minister for Lands, Mr Tony Kelly, announced the subdivision for 80 residential homes would now go ahead.

This news stunned the local community as they thought they had saved this forest when in 2008 they were advised that the Government would never go ahead with the Development Application (DA) since new studies had shown an Endangered Ecological Community was on that site.

Mr Jeayes, Honorary Secretary of the North Coast Environment Council (NCEC), said today this is a disgrace in this International Year of Biodiversity 2010 that Mr Kelly can set out to destroy Core Koala Habitat, Glossy Black Cockatoo habitat in an old growth forest with an EEC (swamp sclerophyll forest).

Mr Jeayes claimed there was a disappointing lack of communication between the NSW Departments of Lands and Planning. He said he was dismayed to find that Taree Lands who had previously recommended rezoning to Environmental Conservation did not even know of the Kelly decision until he rang their office to find out why they had changed their minds.

Mr Jeayes said that clearing of habitat was a major threat to the koala which is a threatened species in NSW and this area is listed in the Kempsey Shire Council draft Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management for protection. “This is a key area for breeding and for migration through a coastal corridor under global warming in the future,” he said.

“Everywhere you look the State Labor Government is encouraging destruction of koala habitat. In the Tweed at Kings Forest, in Mumbulla Forest on the South Coast and in East Millewa River Red Gum where they have cynically declared an” intention” to make a future National Park but allowed 5 years of logging first”.

“This is not fair to the environment or to the community. It is stupid planning when you have a DA for 111-150 houses 200 metres away on mostly cleared farmland held up by the Department of Planning also under Mr Kelly’s portfolio.

We call upon the Minister for Lands to ask himself as Minister for Planning to drop this dangerous, absurd proposal.”

One Response to “NCEC Media Release”

  1. mark baxter Says:

    “Stupid planning” is the story in a nutshell. (if not deliberate deceit).
    We need a commitment from Kempsey Shire Councillors to ‘fast track’ the DA on the ‘cleared land at the base of Killuke Mt. We need letters /emails to the nine councillors asking why it has taken 13 years(!) to process the Killuke Mt. DA ?. We need pressure them to grant the DA now !…When this land is available it will make Mr. Kelly’s option even more “stupid”.

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