Kelly continues to deny existence of Killuke option

GOOLAWAH ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Ms SYLVIA HALE: I address my question without notice to the Minister for Lands. Yesterday, in answer to a question I asked about Goolawah Estate, the Minister said: Currently there is no other land available in Crescent Head for development. Is the Minister aware that a local developer, Portofino Enterprises Pty Limited, is awaiting Kempsey Shire Council’s approval of an application to rezone cleared land currently zoned rural residential to urban residential that, if approved, would release somewhere between 111 and 150 blocks for residential development? In light of the statement last week on ABC Radio by the general manager of Kempsey Shire Council that the Department of Planning is stalling the approval of the rezoning of this cleared land, will the Minister withdraw the department’s application to subdivide sections 3 to 5 of Goolawah Estate? The Hon. TONY KELLY: I refer the member to the answer that I gave yesterday at the end of question time in response to her ridiculous question. I said then—the member quoted my statement earlier—that no other land is currently available.

One Response to “Kelly continues to deny existence of Killuke option”

  1. MARK BAXTER Says:

    Dear Editor,

    I write regarding Minister Tony Kelly’s hypocritical remark regarding a housing development at Crescent Head (in thursdays smh).
    Regarding the ‘clear-felling of forest behind CRESCENT HEAD , the Minister replied that “the government can legally clear-fell the forest , because the DA for development preceded the ‘environmental reports that recommended the forest be protected’ . This comes from a Government that claims to promote ‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (development without the destruction of nature)’ ! Two hundred metres from this beautiful forest is enough ‘cleared land ‘ to build 150 houses ! Yet the government is insisting the forest (on crown land ) must be developed first!!!!!!. Yes you’ve got it ….for the $25 million the government will make, means ‘sustainable development ‘ can go jump! Surely , this is exactly where sustainable development policy should be applied …why destroy a forest , when plenty of cleared land is available ! ( Yes , you’ve got it , Crescent Head is in a safe National Party seat , so Tony Kelly isn’t really worried about the hundreds of letters and emails he’s received !…..and that’s why I’m telling you !!!!!!…please help! Write to Tony Kelly Level 34 Governor Macquarie Towers, Farrer Place , Sydney 2000 )
    ‘Crown Land’ belongs to ‘the people’ Tony Kelly , not you !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark Baxter
    15 Skyline Crescent
    Crescent Head 2440

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