Letter from Craig Barnes

A Queensland supporter received this recently. The Department of LMPA continue the rubbish that there is no developable land left in Crescent Head. Technically perhaps within town borders but they know how disingenuous that is.

Dear Lynette Nunn I refer to your correspondence to the Hon Tony Kelly MLC, Minister for Lands, in which you outline your concerns regarding proposals to develop stages 3-5 of the Goolawah estate at Crescent Head. The Minister has asked I respond on his behalf. Planning consent for the development of this land to address a chronic house site shortage at Crescent Head was provided by Kempsey Shire Council in 1991. Note that the NSW government’s Mid North Coast Regional Strategy and the Kempsey Shire Councils Residential Land Release Strategy describe the Goolawah stages 3-5 as being within the footprint of growth now required for the expansion of the village. The development was postponed for many years to provide the review of a Native Title Claim lodged by the Dunghutti Aboriginal Lands Council. The NSW planning legislation (S 105 A Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979) upholds the original approval regardless of the subsequent statutory listing of threatened species, which I acknowledge have been reported to be present at this site. As the Native Title claim has been resolved, the Goolawah development is now being considered for activation to address housing site shortages within the village of Crescent Head. Notwithstanding the existing approval and having regard for the environmental values at the Goolawah site, the Minister aims to review possible options for development in the area which will both address the abovementioned housing shortage and also permit maintenance of key environmental values. The feasibility of these options will take some time to consider but you can be assured that precarious development will be avoided in this way. The impact on listed endangered ecological communities and other threatened species of clearing and disturbance which might be associated with such development will therefore be well considered within the review process mentioned above. Thank you for your interest in this matter. Yours faithfully 21 July 2010. Craig Barnes Acting General Manager Crown Lands Division

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